Mild wet wipes for all little ones

    Libero’s fragrance-free wet wipes are so mild that they can be used every single day – at home during a diaper change or on an outing. The Nordic Ecolabeled wipes contain Nordic canola oil that has a softening and rehydrating effect on the skin – which makes them gentle on a child’s sensitive skin.

    Our mild wipes are fragrance free as well as free from any alcohol. Libero Wet Wipes feel fresh and lovely against your child’s skin during a diaper change at home our if you are out on an adventure together. 

    Our wipes contain canola oil, which is rich in softening vitamin E. The wipes provide your child’s skin with moisture each time you use them to wash the baby’s bottom clean.

    Just as Libero’s other products for skin and hair care, the wonderfully soft wipes have been given the Nordic Ecolabel. They have been examined to make sure that they live up to Nordic environmental standards. 

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