Eco Actions

Sustainability takes us further

Libero has reduced the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases for its entire range of Libero open diapers. We have achieved this by working from a long-term, holistic perspective.

product life-cycle 75%

We constantly work from a holistic perspective so that you can rest assured of making a good environmental choice whichever size or type of diaper you choose.
In more technical terms, we assess the diapers through their whole life-cycle. It's a question of tracking our diapers' environmental impact throughout their life-cycle, from raw materials to refuse. Actually, we go even further than the waste bin.

We reduce environmental impact by making continuous improvements throughout the product life-cycle.
We call these improvements our Eco Actions. Here are some examples:

  • We constantly seek new materials and designs that are more environmentally friendly and more effective, comfortable and convenient for children and parents.
  • We strive to make our suppliers as environmentally conscious as we are. This is extremely important to us - so important that we regularly check up on them.
  • We make sure our suppliers replace felled forests so that present and future generations have forests left to enjoy.
  • We use the latest energy-saving technologies.
  • We really do everything possible to minimise raw material consumption and waste volumes.
  • We will continue using the Nordic Ecolabel.

We do all this to achieve our goal of further reducing our carbon footprint.


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