Eco Implemented

It all comes down to children

Over the past 20 years, we have reduced the carbon imprint of our standard diapers by 53%. We have also introduced Nordic Ecolabelling.

Ultimately, it comes down to children. We cannot manufacture products for children without taking responsibility for their future. It's that simple.

That's why sustainability has been an integral part of our business for the past 20 years. And step by step, we've achieved fabulous results. For example:

  • We have reduced the environmental impact of our most common diapers in the Nordic countries by 53%.

Thinner and better diapers are two of the many secrets behind this success. Over the years, we have made our diapers 37% lighter and their packaging 52% lighter. This means less to transport and less waste – and in turn lower environmental impact. And less frequent washing is required since better fit and better absorption capacity prevent the diapers from leaking - a further environmental benefit.

We have also:

  • Nordic Ecolabelled all our diapers.
  • Launched skin care and beauty products with the Nordic Ecolabel.

But now we're looking ahead towards new goals. We aim to make our environmental performance even better. Take a look here.

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