Green shopping

Green shopping

1. Go through your wardrobe. Exchange or alter your clothes. You know what they say: vintage is the new black.

2. When you buy new white goods and other electrical appliances, check their energy consumption. Choose energy-efficient appliances.

3. Keep your old mobile phone - do you really need a new one? It the answer is yes, don't forget to take your old phone for recycling.

4. Give birthday kids of all ages a green, ecofriendly treat as a gift instead of an object.

5. You can dress your kids in second-hand clothes. Besides the environmental benefits, clothes that have been washed repeatedly are also softer.

6. Borrow books, CDs and DVDs from the library.

7. Second-hand toys or books are just as good as new ones. Your kids won't notice any difference.

8. Think second-hand when it's time to buy a new pram, cot or high chair.

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