Libero Comfort Size 7. (15-30 kg)- pack of 46.

15 - 30 kg
Libero Comfort Size 7. (15-30 kg)- pack of 46.

When size 6 is no longer big enough, it's time to change to size 7, which is larger and more absorbent. It is a secure diaper for larger children – particularly at night time when the need is often greatest.

A world-class fit – thanks to soft elastic strips around the thighs, flexible Free Flex stretchy sides and back and self-adhesive fastening tape. So you can trust the diaper to constantly adapt to your child’s movements.

Libero Comfort has the Nordic Ecolabel – a guarantee that the diapers contain no lotions, ointments, moisturising creams or perfumes.

You will recognise the packet by the red strip and the number 7.

Vi arbetar kontinuerligt för att minska miljöpåverkan i alla led, till exempel hur vi tillverkar blöjorna, vilka leverantörer vi använder, material, design, passform och förpackningar. So whichever Libero diaper size you choose, you're making a sound environmental choice.

Comfort fit

As your baby becomes increasingly mobile and curious about the world beyond food and sleep, you will need the Comfort Fit range of diapers.

These diapers have our patented ‘Libero Drytech’ surface, which transports wee away from the surface of the diaper faster than any other material. A dry diaper means a dry bottom, and that reduces the risk of skin irritation.

All the diapers between sizes 2 and 7 have Free Flex stretchy sides and Velcro fasteners. With the help of these smart, stretchy elastic strips and fasteners, the shape of the diaper adapts to soft thighs and round baby stomachs. No matter whether the baby is sitting up or lying down, standing or walking, the diaper will adapt to fit. Along with the narrow gusset between the legs, this makes sure that the diaper is comfortable and does not leak.

The weight ranges of the different sizes overlap. If you notice that the diaper is leaking, try a larger or smaller size..

Comfortable to wear!

No lotions
We have a clear opinion about additives in diapers: the fewer, the better. Our diapers contain no lotions or perfumes.
Only air
Instead, our diapers breathe. They allow air to circulate, while the outer layer and core remain perfectly dry against the skin, hich is best for small babies’ bottoms. Superb fit
Moreover they also have the best fit, as they are thin and soft and there is nothing to chafe or get in the way. Nothing should stop a baby on its voyage of discovery!

The Nordic Ecolabel

Environmental care is a natural priority for Libero. We cannot make products for children without taking the environment into account.

In order to be approved for the Nordic Ecolabel, the Nordic countries' official ecolabel, it is not enough just to meet strict environmental requirements. The products' function and quality are also evaluated and must be exceptionally high.

The Nordic Ecolabel Board examines the products' environmental impact during the key stages of their life-cycle. Libero goes one step further – we aim to optimise all parts of our diapers' life-cycle.

We continuously work to minimise our environmental impact at all stages, for example through our diaper manufacturing processes, our choice of suppliers, materials, designs, fit and packaging.

All Libero diapers with adhesive tape and all Libero pant diapers have the Nordic Ecolabel. So whichever Libero diapers you choose, you're making a sound environmental choice.

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