Libero UP&GO size 8 (19-30 kg) pack of 30

19 - 30 kg
Libero UP&GO size 8 (19-30 kg) pack of 30

Our UP&GO diapers have many small elastic strips. They help distribute the pressure around the belly and thighs and make the diaper extremely flexible and soft to wear. Thanks to its perfect fit, UP&GO is also comfortable and secure to sleep in.

Libero UP&GO has the Nordic Ecolabel – this means the diapers contain no lotions, ointments, moisturising creams or perfumes.

The size is indicated on the packet by a dark blue band and the number 8.



Libero UP&GO is as similar as a diaper can get to little pants. It is incredibly soft and comforable and allows optimum freedom of movement whether the child is rolling, crawling, sitting or standing.

The gusset between the legs is so narrow that it never obstructs your baby's energetic leg movements. A wide "woven" elastic panel consisting of many small elastic strips distributes the pressure gently and comfortably around the belly. The diaper constantly adapts to your child’s movements, just like little pants.

Libero Up&Go is easy to put on and change. It’s secure and leak-free. Naturally, it’s also breathable – allowing air to circulate and keeping the skin dry and healthy.

UP&GO is also a great diaper for sleeping in because it never slips around or pinches during the night.

A diaper for active kids

The best fit ever
UP&GO is ideal when your child starts to move around more – playing with its little toes, sitting, standing or toddling.

UP&GO are like pants: Soft and stretchy everyhere. There's nothing to get in the way or stop your child from conquering the world!

Easy to put on and take off
UP&GO diapers are easy to put on and take off. Big children like doing things themselves. And when the diaper contains something more than pee, UP&GO can easily be opened at the sides and changed like an ordinary diaper. UP&GO has an intelligent adhesive strip on the back to hold the diaper closed when you throw it away. UP&GO is quick and convenient for both children and parents.

No lotions or perfumes
We have a clear opinion about additives in diapers: the fewer, the better. Our diapers contain no lotions, ointments, moisturisers or perfumes.

Only air
Instead, they allow the skin to breathe. The air circulates, the outer layer quickly absorbs moisture and the core remains dry by locking moisture in.

The Nordic Ecolabel

Environmental care is a natural priority for Libero. We cannot make products for children without taking the environment into account.

In order to be approved for the Nordic Ecolabel, the Nordic countries' official ecolabel, it is not enough just to meet strict environmental requirements. The products' function and quality are also evaluated and must be exceptionally high.

The Nordic Ecolabel Board examines the products' environmental impact during the key stages of their life-cycle. Libero goes one step further – we aim to optimise all parts of our diapers' life-cycle.

We continuously work to minimise our environmental impact at all stages, for example through our diaper manufacturing processes, our choice of suppliers, materials, designs, fit and packaging.

All Libero diapers with Velcro fasteners and all Libero pant diapers have the Nordic Ecolabel. So whichever Libero diapers you choose, you're making a sound environmental choice.

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