Baby has a fever

A fever is a sign the body is fighting an infection such as a cold. Here are a few tips for babies running a temperature.

Signs of illness in infants can be harder to spot than in older children. They can, for example, have a slight temperature not because they are ill, but because newborns have more difficulty regulating their body temperature than older children and adults.

The temperature exceeds 38.5 degrees C
To know whether they are sick you simply have to consider their general health. If your baby seems bright, content and is eating as usual, he or she is presumably not very ill. But if your baby seems listless or too hot, and you are in any doubt, you should take their temperature.

If your baby's temperature exceeds 38.5 degrees C and this is not due to being wrapped up in too many clothes, contact your doctor.

If your baby is running a slight fever try the following:
- remove some clothes
- keep the room cool
- cover baby with a sheet only
- offer frequent small feeds

Could it be an ear infection?
A cold is most often accompanied by a fever (38.5ºC or higher) and makes baby upset and off-colour. Sometimes an ear infection accompanies a cold and fever. If you suspect an ear infection, your baby needs to see your GP immediately for further assessment.
To help prevent ear, nose and throat infections keep your baby in smoke-free areas and breastfeed if possible.

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