Baby's growth spurts

Suddenly your baby may be feeding constantly and not want to be anywhere but at your breast. Ironically, if baby suckles more than usual, to the point of bringing up the milk his tummy can't take, he will actually be increasing your milk production.

Baby is starting a growth spurt and is going to need more milk from you.

Increased nutritional needs during growth spurts
Baby needs more food now. He has grown and is about to grow even bigger; it's a simple as that! In fact, it is amazing how instinctive breastfeeding is. When a baby needs more milk, it simply sets about increasing its mother's milk supply.

Your milk production increases
Baby's suckling stimulates release of the milk-producing hormone prolactin, which is responsible for increasing your milk production. 

• If baby gets fretful, try breastfeeding for longer and more often for a while.
• Try not to check on the time, and let baby take control.
• Lie down with your baby and find a relaxing position for both of you.
• Put everything else on hold and concentrate on breastfeeding; that way, there's every chance baby will be contented and happy again in a few days.

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