Bladder weakness

Do you trickle a bit when you run or sneeze? Is jumping out of the question? Time to do those pelvic floor exercises!

Most women find it difficult not to leak urine when they sneeze, cough or run both during pregnancy and after giving birth. At this time, the muscles in the pelvic floor are swollen and the strain of carrying your baby has taken its toll. Difficulties with bladder weakness usually fade once the swelling has gone down, but the muscles need to be exercised to regain their former strength and the only way to do this is with pelvic floor exercises.

Exercising your pelvic muscles after giving birth will help your body recover. It increases the blood flow and this helps to heal any stitches. At the same time it will help prevent problems with incontinence in the future.

How do you do pelvic floor exercises? Click here.

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