How to change a nappy

You'll soon be adept at changing nappies, but it's good to consider a few things from the outset.

Very young babies tend to wee and poo more frequently than older babies, which means they need their nappy changing fairly often – sometimes up to ten times a day.
Here are some tips on the simplest way of managing this.

Wash and air
For baby girls, wash carefully between the labia if she's done a poo. You can use water or unscented baby oil. Moisten a wash cloth with a little oil to remove any dried poo from your baby's bum. Rub gently to loosen it. Always wash from front to back.
Make sure you pat their bottom dry and let your baby's skin get some air. Read more about looking after your baby's sensitive skin.
Make a habit of never turning your back on baby while he/she is on the changing table. If you have to reach for something, always keep a firm hand on your baby's stomach.
When putting a clean nappy on, make sure it isn't pressing against the umbilical stump, if this hasn't dropped off yet. Libero's littlest nappies feature an extra thin "navel care" panel, to allow the navel to heal well.

Step-by-step guide to putting on a clean nappy
1. Unfold the nappy and position your baby's bottom on the part of the nappy where the Velcro fastener is located. If you have a baby boy, make sure his penis is pointing downwards.
2. Fold the front of the nappy up against your child's tummy. Open the Velcro fastener and use it to stick the nappy together. Fix the Velcro to the coloured part of the soft band on the front of the nappy.
3. Make sure the leak protection "pockets" around the legs are open by running your finger inside the edge of the nappy along your baby's thighs.

Here are some clear step-by-step illustrations of how to change a nappy.
Or click through to watch our film on nappy-changing tips.

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