Nappies that don't leak or pinch

Do you like changing into comfortable indoor trousers when you get home from work or the gym? This is probably how your baby will feel about wearing Libero's soft Up&Go pull-up diaper, which offers optimal freedom of movement.

Despite its name, Up&Go is Libero's most comfortable diaper to sleep in because it has no parts that pinch or dig in. Bear in mind that all babies are different, so the nappies will fit different babies differently. Make sure the diaper fits so that there is no gaping around the legs. All the nappies have good absorption capacity and are made of a breathable material that keeps the baby's skin dry and soft.

Lively babies – smart nappies
As your baby grows, the quantity of urine and faeces it produces will change. Your infant will move around more on the baby changing table - and soon also on the floor. This makes new demands of the nappies.
When your infant weighs around 7 kilos, you can start trying the Up&Go pull-up diaper, size 4. It is shaped to follow the body's movements whether your baby is sitting, lying, rolling, crawling or standing. Also read about your baby's development from 0 to 6 months, 6 to 18 months or 1 ½ to 4 years.
If your baby poops, Up&Go is easy to tear open at the sides, both from the top and the bottom. You can change it like a ordinary diaper.
Once your baby learns to stand up while holding on to something, the pull-up diaper becomes even easier to change – anywhere.

Up&Go – even before your baby can walk
Why use Up&Go before your baby can stand and walk? Many parents switch to this comfortable, supple diaper is because their baby loves sleeping in it. A wide, soft elastic panel at the top keeps the diaper leak-free all the way round the tummy and back. The material in the legs, back, side elastic and closure are extra stretchy and comfortable.
Like grown-ups, babies need to be able to turn over and change positions at night without waking up because they feel discomfort. Up&Go adapts to the baby's movements. It doesn't pinch or slip around if the baby has a restless night.
Read our tips about your baby's sleep, your baby's sleep at over 3 months or over 6 months.
Everybody knows that babies sleep best when their dry. Some parents find Up&Go perfect for night-time use, while others opt to continue with Libero Comfort with velcro closure for a little longer. These nappies also have a practical elastic panel and the top and stretchy sides.

All babies are different - experiment to find the best solution
Libero Comfort is designed for comfort and fit most babies very well. Just make sure you choose the right size. Bear in mind that the weight specified on the package is only a guideline. The weight ranges of the different sizes overlap. Babies of different ages and shapes may have the same weight. If you notice that the diaper is leaking, try a larger or smaller size.
Sooner or later, your baby is sure to start loving Up&Go. This diaper fits as securely and comfortably as a pair of pants, even when your infant gets active and starts crawling or scooting around. When the time finally comes for potty training, it's practical to use Up&Go as a pair of pants – and your infant will enjoy helping to pull them down.
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