Spitting up and vomiting

Most babies spit up often because they have had too much to eat. There are some things you could try to minimise the vomiting.

Spitting up, spewing, puking or ‘spilling’ after a feed means your baby is getting a backflow of food and needs to let it run out.

This can be due to eating too much or too little. Too little food can make your baby fussy and over-eager to feed which means he swallows too much air and burps a lot. On the other hand, if your baby drinks more than his stomach can hold, he is also likely to spew.

This is very common and often coincides with a burp.

Here are two things you can try:
• Give your baby little breaks during feeds so he gets the opportunity to burp.
• Don’t involve your baby in vigorous exercise just after he has been fed.

The amount expelled may look a lot even if it isn’t, so if your baby is gaining weight and does not seem adversely affected, don’t worry about it.

But severe and frequent vomiting may mean your baby is ill. If your baby loses weight, becomes less active, or if there’s not much peeing and pooing going on, contact your GP or midwife.

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