Time for me time

Your new baby is the centre of your family's universe. Nothing strange about that. Babies are time-consuming and wonderful. But sometimes you need some me-time. Read on to find out how to make this a reality.

Do you have problems finding time for a shower? That’s not an unusual challenge for a new parent; almost all of us have experienced that. Having children involves everything being turned upside-down. There's a new star at the centre of your universe and the time you used to spend on yourself has to be devoted to the new member of your family instead.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't, or can't, find time for yourself and each other. The tricky bit is finding that time!

Look at these tips from some Forum parents. They are tricks for finding "me-time" and “grown-up time”:

1. Don't persist in trying to do things exactly the way you did them before. Find a variant that works now you've got a baby. It's better to do things slightly differently, than to not do them at all!

2. Grab the opportunity to do what you like doing while your baby is asleep. Leave the washing-up!

3. This is for you guys: Men more often have a social life, because they're still working. Give your partner the same chance! If she wants to go out with her friends or to go shopping, help make it happen.

4. If your partner doesn't work too far away, go to his workplace when he's having lunch, hand over the baby for an hour and go and do stuff on your own.

5. Write down a list of 10 things you like doing. Think about how you can do them, or something very similar, in no more than an hour. Put the list on the fridge, and then when your baby is asleep and you feel like it, do them one at a time.

6. Pamper yourself. Spend the morning in bed, or the whole day, with a heap of newspapers (and your baby, of course!). Shut out the mess in the kitchen by closing the door.

7. Send your partner and baby out for a walk on Saturday or Sunday morning once you've breastfed, then read the paper, take a long shower and have a fab time!

8. Even if you don’t have anything planned when the opportunity presents itself, just do something by yourself; read a book, take a shower, call a friend. Just do anything.

How do you find me-time? Share here!

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