Urinary incontinence after childbirth

Do you feel a few drops of urine when you strain or sneeze? If so it's time to do pelvic floor exercises! Your pelvic floor has taken a lot of extra strain during pregnancy.

The pelvic floor muscles control the flow of urine, the rectum and vagina, and need to be balanced so that you don't end up with uncontrolled leakage of wee, poop or gas.

After giving birth, the muscles of your pelvic floor are swollen and they have been stretched a lot during your pregnancy. Even if you haven't gone through a vaginal birth, your pelvic floor has still dealt with a fairly heavy load, so don't forget that you also need to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Post-natal weak bladder and incontinence generally disappear once the swelling has gone down, but your muscles need to be trained in order to regain their former strength. Training your pelvic floor muscles will help your body recover. It also increases the blood flow, which helps to heal any ruptures, as well as helping to prevent potential future problems with incontinence.

Do squeezing exercises
Pelvic floor exercises are good for everyone to do. They need practice, and it's good to do them every day at a time that's easy to remember. It's also good to squeeze every time you put strain on the pelvic floor, e.g. when lifting your baby, coughing, exercising, jumping or getting up. That means you can squeeze lots of times during the day.

Try and do three sets of 10 exercises and try to hold each squeeze for 5-10 seconds. Take a longer break between each set so you have time to recover. Make squeezing your pelvic floor a habit at certain times.

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