Good routines for your child

Do you feel like you've read the same story, sung the same song and put teddy on the right side of the pillow a million times? That's good. Kids love it when things are predictable – it makes them feel safe. This is why your child likes it when things are familiar and stay the same as they've always been.

When you're little, the world is constantly changing. As your child grows and becomes smarter, he or she will sometimes feel that the boundaries of reality are very shaky. Kids are always making new discoveries and learning new things. They like to go on journeys of discovery in their environment, but they also need to feel in control. 

Routines make your child feel safer and more secure
Routines make the world feel more manageable for children. Bathtime can be a sign that the day is over and it's time for bed. When your child has to wash their hands and is given a bib, they understand that it's time for a meal. And there are many other little things you can do to make the day and world feel more secure, such as taking a walk every afternoon, or reading a book and using the same chair as a sleep routine before you put your child to bed.

When your child is older, you can create routines for everyday activities. For example, you can have them tidy up in the evening after playtime, or hang up their coat and wash their hands when they come home from nursery. 
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Good habits are calming for both younger and older children
Obviously, routines shouldn't take over your life. But they often turn into good habits that help your child feel secure, which is often a good thing. It's easier for children to be cooperative and helpful when they know what's going on. This has a calming effect on both younger and older children. Developing good routines with your child will also help you as an adult.
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