It's boring to play

Building towers and putting teddies to bed isn't exciting any more - for you, that is. And now you feel guilty because you don't want to play. But don't fret: just change the perspective.

You’re not really bored with playing – it’s just you like different toys these days. You’ve grown out of Duplo, teddies, making sand pies and parking toy cars. That’s natural, but you still feel guilty about finding those games so hopelessly boring because your toddler can’t wait for you come and play them. What's more, you feel you really should be playing with your toddler; that it should be fun.

Playing together
But don’t feel bad. Go easy on yourself. You’re allowed to say no. You deserve some time of your own, even if it’ll never be the way it used to be. Time to yourself is a real luxury these days.

It’s easier to be a good playmate if you do things you find fun. Turn the concept around. What do you want to do? This might seem a bit selfish, but it’s a good compromise. Here are some other things to try:

• Try playing alongside each other. Playing next to each other, doing two separate things, may work for you both.
• Have your child play your ‘games’ such as doing exercise, being outdoors and pottering around the garden, cooking or looking through magazines.
• Help your toddler get started with a game and then leave them to it.
• Invite playmates over sometimes to take the pressure off you.

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