Tips on washing baby's hair

Turn bathing and hair-washing into a special time. When your child is little, lukewarm water is all you need. When their hair eventually needs a proper shampoo, bring out the swimming goggles! See below for more tips on simple hair-washing.

Baby hair doesn't get greasy and dirty. You can wash it with lukewarm water and massage it gently with your fingers once a week until the baby is one. Most babies enjoy having their head rubbed gently. Was your child born with lots of hair? In that case you may need to rub a little more to wash it and get out any tangles. The hair generally falls out before any new hair, sometimes a completely different colour, grows in.

Should I use shampoo?
The next time your child's hair changes is around two years old, when their baby hair is gradually replaced with slightly coarser strands. If your child has started eating independently, or if they throw up and end up with leftover food and vomit in their hair, you may need to wash it with shampoo. Rinse thoroughly to remove all shampoo residues – always try to expose your child's body to as few chemicals as possible. There's still no need to wash their hair every time they have a bath, because it doesn't get as greasy as ours does.

Washing your child's hair: tips to make it fun and easy
• Make sure everything's within reach so you don't have to let go of your child.

• Lean your child's head back so they're looking up at the ceiling while you wash their hair, or massage their hair and scalp while they are safe in the tub.

• Tell them to hold a hand over their eyes if you're rinsing their hair with a shower head.

• Differentiate between baths and hair-washing if your child doesn't like having their hair washed, otherwise they may become reluctant to get washed.
Read about the easiest way to bathe a young baby or about infant swimming lessons.

• If it makes things easier for you both, let your child wear a shampoo cap or swimming goggles.

• Let your child try washing your hair some time!

• Let your child play and shape their lathered hair into funny hairstyles if you've started using shampoo.
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