Packing your bag for hospital - make a list

It can be useful to have a bag ready packed, or at least a list of what you want to bring to hospital. When the time comes, things tend to happen very quickly.

Things you might want to pack:

• Your birth letterif you have written one.

• Comfortable clothes.

• Beauty case with toiletries, hair elastics if you have long hair.

• Mobile, camera and/or video camera if you want to document the labour and birth. They will be important memories for life.

• Music to listen to during your labour to help you relax or focus.

• A book or magazine. Labour can involve quite a bit of waiting, so it can be good to have something to do.

• Something to eat and drink. You'll be given food and drink at the clinic, but it can be good to bring something you particularly like.

• Money in case your partner wants to buy coffee or something else while you are in hospital.

For your newborn baby:

• A few nappies, for instance Libero Premature (for small or preterm babies) or Libero Newborn.

• Clothes, e.g. trousers, body, socks and hat in soft, washed fabric . A warm blanket if the weather is cold when it's time to leave the hospital. Read tips about the baby's first clothes.

Remember to get a baby car seat in time for bringing your baby home. Some taxis have baby seats, but for larger babies from about 5 years old.
For a list of things you might want to buy in advance, see our suggested shopping list.

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