For all babies' opportunities

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For us, babies always come first! And all babies have the right to develop and flourish. That's why we work with both long-term and more current initiatives.

Being seen and represented is important - especially for children. Therefore, inclusion and diversity are something we work a lot with. In our communication and packaging, we want to reflect society and represent different ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, family constellations, gender and disabilities.

For a better world when our children grow up

At Libero, we want our children to grow up in an equal, fair, and sustainable world. That's why we have supported and collaborated with a wide variety of organizations over the years – organizations that do everything from helping vulnerable children and their families to protecting endangered animals and natural areas.

Informative and fun

In all our campaigns, we try to include an educational part. It can be small educational pictures and texts on the diapers, writing children's books and making fun and learning films. Because what you learn early on, you carry with you your whole life. We simply want to stand up for every baby - both today and tomorrow.