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When siblings fight

“She started it; it wasn't my fault!” It's normal for siblings to fight, and squabbling and arguments are more or less part of family life. Here are some tips on keeping the peace around the house.

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Tantrums and hysterics

When children are about a year and half old, they start testing the boundaries. And their mood can flip from happy to hysterical in a second. This is a natural part of their development, but it can really test a parent's patience.

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Potty training and giving up nappies

For children, potty training is about training both the nervous system and the muscles around the bladder and intestines when it's time to learn how to stay dry. For you as a parent, it's about learning to read your child's signals and allowing your child to take as long as they need to learn.

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Your child's self-esteem

Children who feel seen and accepted have a good chance of developing good self-esteem and becoming a confident person. But this isn't always enough. Here are a few specific tips on important day-to-day psychology.

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Indoor games for children and adults

Here are some inspiring ideas for fun indoor games.

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Creative games for children – game ideas

12 tips and recipes for finger painting and play-doh for creative kids who love making things.

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Winter fun and games for the whole family

Sledging, oranges and hot chocolate. Children's laughter and rosy cheeks. With the right clothes and fun games, children and adults can play about and have fun together in the winter.


Top tips for organising your child's toys

Are all the toys driving you mad? Are you tripping over them everywhere? Here are some words of wisdom from other Libero parents on how to get the mayhem under control.


Computer games, apps and board games for children

Here some tips on good apps and computer games, board games and party games for kids aged three and above.

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