Month 39

Month 39: Your Baby

Plasters at the ready

A three-year-old no longer needs to concentrate as hard when running, jumping or walking. Everything works a little more naturally now. Your child’s judgement and coordination are still developing though, so you can expect a period with plenty of scrapes and scratches. No worries: that’s how it should be. Only by challenging themselves can kids find their limits and continue to learn. The occasional crash helps them develop. Plus, most three-year-olds think that plasters are the coolest invention ever.

Month 39: Parent

Supporting fine motor skills

Children still don’t have full control over their fingers at this age. Even so, they can practice their fine motor skills through the following activities: Playing with blocks and Legos Assembling puzzles Beading Threading beads onto string Making sand castles Pouring water in containers of different sizes Dressing and undressing dolls and teddy bears If your child isn’t interested in any of these activities, but loves to run, kick and ride a bike – just accept it. There is no reason to force it or bribe them. Sooner or later, everything will fall into place.