Month 30

Month 30: Your Baby

Entertainment is key

Kids love fun things. They only do things that they enjoy doing – and they can’t get enough. Kicking a ball, putting a puzzle together, drawing, or practicing writing. At this age, they are already spending energy on their own unique interests. Not until they start school are they expected to also do things in which they are less interested.

Month 30: Parent

Afraid of the dark

As many parents have discovered, the only ways to cure your child’s fear of the dark are sympathy and light. A nightlight can send even the most stubborn monsters away. Help your child look through all the nooks and crannies in their room before they go to bed. If you are afraid of the dark yourself, you now have the chance to win an Oscar for best performance of someone who isn’t. Play with a torch Walk out of the dark room, then shine a torch through the doorway. Turn off all the lights inside and then turn on the torch. This will help your child get used to the dark and realise that it isn’t dangerous – just different.