Month 45

A brand-new relationship

Ett helt nytt förhållande

You might be noticing that your relationship with your child is changing at this point. Emotionally, they are aware that you are two different people and are not in any way connected. You each have your own feelings, needs and desires and sometimes you don’t want the same thing. Your child is developing empathy. If you’re sad, they may try to comfort you. If there’s lots of work to do, they might try to help out. Around now, your child will start trying to negotiate with you. This is a real sign of independence and that they have learned to understand what is right and true.

Month 45: Parent


Why does the sun shine? Why do we have a red car? Why should I do that? Why does mummy have wrinkles? Why is the post coming now? Why are we going? Why do birds sing? You probably don’t need to be reminded of how important it is to take these questions seriously – even if there are so many that it feels like your ears are ringing with exhaustion. Asking questions and getting answers builds up your child’s knowledge, stimulates their curiosity and gives them even more to think about. Some kids ask questions nonstop. Others are more reflective and not as demanding, while others still are more inventive and come up with their own answers. Regardless of how your child asks questions, they are always fascinating. Even if sometimes, your patience is put to the test – there’s no doubt about that. Don’t forget that ‘why’ can also be a way of saying ‘tell me more’. This is how your child gets more information.