Month 36

Month 36: Your Baby

Some toddlers grow so quickly that their weight and muscles can’t keep up

As a result, they may look a bit scrawny for a while. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re eating too little or that anything is wrong. It will even out with time. This is the beginning of those magical years. The daily play of a three-year-old is filled with imagination and inventiveness.

Month 36: Parent

Build up self-confidence

When someone pays attention and listens to you, when someone takes interest in what you think, it makes you feel meaningful – and that’s a wonderful feeling. That is the feeling that helps self-confidence blossom and grow. All you have to do is listen when your child speaks and react to what they say. Ask them what they think now and then. Give them the chance to make their own decisions, if it won’t make life too complicated. It doesn’t take anything more than that.