Month 24

Month 24: Your Baby

Happy second birthday!

The size and height of your child might vary at this age, so avoid comparing them to others. If you think your child’s appetite has declined recently, you’re probably right. They don’t need as much energy, because they aren’t growing as quickly. The body knows that and adapts the appetite accordingly.

Month 24: Parent

I can do it myself! I want to!

Your child’s willpower is developing faster than their fine motor skills – something you’ve probably already noticed. When your little one wants to get dressed in the morning, they want to do everything themselves and this can be frustrating. Time passes and your child gets angry that the snaps are difficult to snap and their jumper is stupid. And if you try to help, the response is, ‘I can do it myself!’ You aren’t alone in having a stubborn two-year-old who doesn’t want help. We’ve got some advice that can reduce the morning drama: make sure their dresser only contains clothes that are easy to put on. Choose shirts that can go on over the head and trousers with an elastic waist. Make sure everything else is far away – for as long as you can. Negotiate a routine in which you start dressing them, and make sure there’s something left that they can put on themselves. This way, you can keep things pleasant in the morning.