Month 21

Month 21: Your Baby

The benefits of repetition

Every time your toddler wants to read a book, it’s the same book – over and over. This is also true of music and movies – over and over and over again. At this age, kids can’t get enough of what they like, whether it’s their blanket, favourite foods or favourite books and movies. This is partly due to the fact that toddlers aren’t particularly thrilled about change. They feel safe when everything is as it should be. Repetition also helps build up your child’s knowledge. The first time you read a book to them, they might understand every other word. A hundred times later, they understand every word.

Month 21: Parent

Challenged by a loved one

You might feel a little rejected when your child grumpily continues to say no to everything, and calls you a ‘stupid head’. It doesn’t help matters that just an hour ago, that same tot was lying on the floor, crying in hysterics. It’s all just no, no, no. And it seems like they only say it to you! It never happens at nursery school, or at their grandparents’, or with their friends. Why? Because your child loves you more than anyone else, so they are absolutely certain of your love. And that means they’re testing limits and fully venting their feelings, so they can say no with all the strength and energy they can muster (which is quite a lot). This might be of little consolation, but it’s no less an explanation.