Month 27

Month 27: Your Baby

Saying everything out loud

A door has opened up to your child’s consciousness and you can peer in and see what’s going on inside. At this stage, your child is starting to put their thoughts into words, which is easier when they say those words out loud. This means you can listen to your child’s thoughts – especially when they’re trying to do something by themselves, like play, or page through a book. They aren’t aware that they’re talking out loud. So listen. It’s fascinating and it won’t be long before that door closes again.

Month 27: Parent

How many activities?

Dancing, gymnastics, music, swimming. How many activities should a two-year-old really participate in? This is actually highly individual and depends a great deal on how your child spends the rest of the day. Do they spend the day at home or at nursery school? It’s also a question of personality. Some kids need more time alone to do their own thing. Remember that activities are meant to be fun for your child. If they don’t have the energy or desire to take part in something, then it’s neither fun nor stimulating.