Choosing a name for a boy or girl

Erik, Åke, Lovisa, Hedda… choosing a name for a baby is exciting, challenging and sometimes almost impossible.

There are many ways of finding the perfect name. Some parents wait until they see the child, others simply decide in advance and some consult family and friends.
Some parents go through countless names, write shortlists and finally make their decision, only to change their minds once the baby is born. "When we saw her, she just wasn't a Marianne; she was an Elvira." 

Tips on choosing a name for your boy or girl
• If you want to please your favourite aunt or your grandfather, you can use their name as a middle name or choose a modern version of their name.

• Some parents select two or three names and then make their final decision when they meet the baby.

• Bear in mind that a name that is cute for a baby boy might not suit a grown up man.

• You might want to find out the meaning of your favourite names.

• Think about how the name sounds both with and without middle names.

• If you have a long, unusual last name, you might want to choose a short, simple first name, or vice versa.

• Try saying the name aloud. Does it sound and feel right?

• What does the name mean and sound like in English?

• Ask friends and relatives to suggest names. Many parents keep their preferred names secret until they've made a definite decision, to avoid hearing negative comments.

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