Maternity clothes

Forget all your ideas about frumpy maternity clothes. These days there are plenty of maternity clothes to choose from

that are both comfortable and attractive.

Smart things to think about before shopping for maternity clothes
• Don't buy maternity clothes until you need them – then it will be easier to try them on and see how they fit and feel. And you don't know in advance how large your belly will be.
• Think about the season when you will be at your biggest and plan your clothes purchases accordingly, especially if you need a new jacket.
• Buy clothes that you can continue using after your pregnancy, such as vests, sweaters and bras.
• Buy second-hand clothes. They are much cheaper and often haven't been used much. Or borrow clothes from a friend who has had a baby.
• Buy belly bands to cover your stomach when a sweater or shirt gets too short. A belly band can also feel comfortable to wear over your stomach, and can also look very attractive.
• You can also buy ordinary clothes in a larger size, for instance low-waisted trousers, or trousers with an elasticated waist. Look for longer tops that cover your belly.
• After your baby is born you can also get smart clothes for breastfeeding, tops that make it easy to open your vest or sweater without feeling too exposed.

Where to find maternity clothes
• All major clothes chains have quite a large range of maternity clothes at affordable prices.
• Look for second-hand maternity clothes online.
• There are several online shops that specialise in maternity clothes.
• Many plus sized clothes are also suitable as maternity clothes.

Pregnancy, weight and maternity clothes
While some women can continue wearing their own clothes for quite a long time, most put on 10 to 15 kilos during pregnancy. Read more about healthy weight gain during pregnancy.

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