What should you buy for your newborn?

There is no end to the things you can buy for a newborn baby. But bear in mind that all your baby cares about is eating enough and being safe and dry.

Maybe you've already bought a lot of pretty clothes and deliberated over where to put the baby changing table – in the bedroom or the bathroom? Preparing practically helps you prepare mentally.
A child's car seat, a nursing bag and some baby clothes are useful to have ready when you return from the hospital.

Avoid buying too many baby clothes
You'll probably be given quite a few from family and friends. Tell people what you'd like for the baby, to avoid ending up with ten beautiful garments in the smallest size that your baby will hardly have time to wear.
Children's sizes are based on the child's height. You might like to buy some garments in size 50 and some in size 56. You don't know how big your newborn will be, and babies grow very quickly.

Everyone likes clean, soft clothes
The clothes nearest the baby's skin should preferably be made of natural materials. Wash all new clothes before first use to remove any chemicals. Read more about baby clothes or see our size guide with washing instructions.
You don't have to buy everything new. You can accept used clothes or buy second hand ones. This is good for both the environment and your economy.
Bear in mind that most babies vomit occasionally and have quite loose faeces – so you might be doing a lot of washing for a while.

Suggested items for your first baby shopping list
Babies born in spring and summer:
• short-sleeved bodies that are easy to open and close
• loose trousers or leggings in thin fabric
• thin hat

Babies born in autumn and winter:
• long-sleeved bodies and trousers
• soft overall and baby cocoon
• mittens and warm socks
• thick hat that covers the baby's ears

All babies:
• foldable baby changing bag with a soft plastic-covered changing table and pockets for nappies, flannels etc.
• child's car seat that fits in your car; don't forget to disconnect the air bag
• a few bodies, long- or short-sleeved depending on the season
• a few romper suits, romper pants and/or tights
• a few pyjamas
• cardigans and/or jackets
• a few socks with soft elastic
• a couple of blankets to wrap the baby in, ideally in cotton
• thin or thick hat, depending on the season
• nappies – start with Libero Newborn (size 1), which are suitable for all children weighing 2-5 kg
Read about easy diaper changing or watch our short video.
• cotton flannels for wiping vomit
• cradle or cot
• sheets, covers and maybe a thin pillow
• plastic-covered terry towelling to put underneath the sheet in case the diaper is very soiled or the baby vomits
pram with removable carry cot, rain shield and/or mosquito net
baby changing table
• an attractive mobile to hang over the changing table to fascinate the baby
• baby changing pad
• disposable flannels
• a small bowl for keeping water in beside the changing table if there is no running water close by.
• baby oil - read about baby skin care
• baby bath - read bathing tips or watch our video on how to bathe a baby
• cotton bath towel
• baby thermometer - read about babies' temperature
baby carrier, sling or wrap

For you:
nursing bra, nursing pad for leaking milk, sanitary pads for yourself

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