Libero Touch open 2

2 - 5 kg

Soft & gentle fit

An open diaper caring for you baby’s skin with super softness

  • Our softest and best open diapers ever.
  • Super soft and breathable materials.
  • A supple core with channels that helps to give a soft fit.
  • Gently flexing to your newborn baby’s every movement.
  • Gently caring for the skin.
  • Ideal for when your little one weighs 3–6 kg.
  • Dermatologically tested, lotion-free as well as recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic.
  • Both made of FSC-cerified cellulose and certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.


  • Super soft and comfortable fit.
  • Soft, breathable materials, caring for a baby’s delicate skin.


  • Gentle shape in front.
  • Will never press against the delicate bellybutton. 


  • We have made several efforts focused on supporting a sustainable society.
  • Certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
  • Made out of FSC-certified cellulose.



  • Products recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordics are suitable for babies with sensitive skin.
  • Dermatologically tested to be as natural and gentle as possible.
  • Lotion free, so that you can protect your baby’s skin according to his or her specific needs.



  • Wonderfully soft leakage barriers to provide a highly effective protection.
  • A thin and supple, yet super-absorbent core will provide reliable leakage security.
  • The supple core and its channels ensure flexibility with every movement. The channels help keeping the core together, so that the diaper stays in its place. 



  • A gentle feel around the waist with the super soft and elastic waistband.
  • All-round super-soft materials and elastics at the sides and in the back to create a gentle fit.


  • Helpful change indicator.
  • Indicates when it’s time for a new diaper by changing colour.
  • The diapers tabs can be overlapped when need be.
  • True comfort, day and night. 


  • A nature-inspired design called Nordic Touch.
  • Inspired by the region’s trees, plants and berries.
  • Two different prints per size.
  • Both beautiful and functional.
  •  Marks in front to help you fasten it correctly.
  • Subdued colours that doesn’t show through light-coloured clothing.

The products that nurture and protect the soft baby skin at all times.

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Different kinds of caring

Our work in regards to sustainability includes responsible sourcing, resource efficient production and innovations for both people and nature - that live up to consumers’ everyday needs. We constantly look for new designs and materials that are convenient, comfortable, safe and environmentally sound. Over the past 25 years, we have reduced the carbon footprint of our open diapers by 53 %, as well as introducing Nordic Ecolabeling to our line of products.
Our entire range* of diapers has also been FSC certified, for our efforts towards a more sustainable society – through a responsible way of handling forests. 

For nature

  • We have reduced the carbon footprint by -25 % for Libero open diapers and -15 % for pants since 2008.
  • The pulp in our products comes from responsibly managed forests. In addition, both our open diapers and our pant diapers have been FSC certified.
  • Producing a thinner diaper results in better comfort and less waste. Therefore, we have reduced the product weight by 20 %, on average, since 2008.

For people

  • All of our diapers have been dermatologically tested and are safe to use. Plus, the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association gave their stamp of approval to our Libero Newborn size 1.
  • On our entire range of open and pant Touch diapers as well as all sizes of Libero Newborn have been equipped with a change indicator, which changes color when a baby needs changing. That way, we can help to create the best possible skin conditions for all babies.
  • We ensure responsible practices according to our internal Code of Conduct and the Global Supplier standard.

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Our entire range of open and pant diapers, excluding Libero SleepTight and Libero Swimpants, has been certified according to FSC’s global standards for handling products correctly at every stage of production

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