Week 28

Week 28 baby

Growing like crazy

At this point, you’ve got a demanding little rascal in there. Your baby is growing: it is about 39 cm long and has surpassed a kilo in weight; it is growing like crazy. The baby is gaining about 27 grams per day, which might sound like a little, but is pretty demanding on mum’s body. But there is also a more intense sense of contact, with little kicks and puffs to make its presence known. We know that the baby has developed the ability to remember at this point.

Week 28 mum

Less space for the lungs

The baby is growing and you’re starting to feel like a mountain – you’re getting heavier and are probably sweating more than you’re used to. You might also get out of breath from the tiniest effort, which is completely normal. It isn’t just a lack of iron (although: ask your medical provider to check your iron values), but could largely be due to the fact that the baby is growing and there is less space for the stomach and lungs. Meanwhile, you now have a greater need for oxygen in all sorts of places in your body: the baby, uterus, kidneys and various muscles. Your heart keeps beating faster and faster (to transport the increased quantity of blood) and as a result, you’re breathing a little faster than usual. We know it often starts to feel tough at this point, but it’s still important to keep trying to move. It will improve your blood circulation, which is good for your back, and it’s important to try to stay in the best possible shape before childbirth.

Week 28 partner

Head or foot?

Parenthood may feel like more of a reality to you now, as the belly grows. There is clearly a little rascal in there, and you can surely feel it moving around when you press your hand to the belly. Ask the midwife or doctor to help you recognise your baby’s various body parts. It might be nice to know if you’re touching a foot or a hand, or if you’re patting a head or a little bottom.