Week 5

Week 5 baby

Activity abounds in the uterus

The embryo that will develop into a foetus now measures about 4 mm. Tiny little knobs that will become arms stick out from the body. What will become the brain has split into two halves, and you can see the formation of the spine. Between the vertebrae of the spine, bundles of nerves emerge from the spinal cord and will navigate their way throughout the body. Soon, the baby’s continued development will also be apparent. Depending on whether an X or Y chromosome first encountered the egg, testosterone or oestrogen will be released and form the baby’s sex organs.

Week 5 mum

Positive test?

If you haven’t taken a pregnancy test yet, you surely suspect by now that you’re pregnant – if for no other reason than the fact of a skipped period. If you take a pregnancy test now, it will most likely be positive. Do your breasts feel different? It’s not unusual for them to get bigger and a little taut; you might also start peeing more than usual. These extra visits to the restroom are because more blood is flowing through the area around the uterus, and because it’s growing and may press up against your bladder. You will typically also feel a little more tired, hungry or nauseous than usual, which isn’t surprising: your body is working and expending tons of energy as it creates a little life. If you’re struggling with nausea, it may actually help to eat – a little and often. If you aren’t already taking a folic acid supplement, it’s a good idea to start now. Make sure to keep taking it until week 12. Now is a good time to call your doctor to schedule your first visit about your pregnancy. Your medical provider will answer your questions and if you want help with a pregnancy test, you can do that there. If you became pregnant through artificial insemination, you will likely meet with a doctor at the IVF clinic for an ultrasound. If you got pregnant the old-fashioned way, you will still need to call and schedule a time for your first appointment about your pregnancy, since it will be tracked by your medical provider.

Week 5 partner

Call the midwife

You probably know by now that you’re expecting a baby – and if you did IVF, you’ve known for a while. For most people, finding out you’re going to be a parent is a revolutionary feeling that is difficult to grasp. This is particularly true for the partner who isn’t experiencing any physical changes – and can barely see them. It’s more that your partner falls asleep in front of the movie you were trying to watch together... If you read up and understand what happens during pregnancy, it may be easier to feel involved, and above all, to support your partner during the challenging months ahead. A tangible example is that you may have to make some changes: there are foods to avoid while pregnant; alcohol and nicotine are particularly dangerous during foetal development and so on. Passive smoking is dangerous both now and when the child is born. You can call your medical provider at any point now to schedule your first appointment. If you went through artificial insemination, the first visit will be at the IVF clinic and they will do an ultrasound. Even if you’ve done IVF, you still need to schedule an appointment with the medical centre where you will give birth, which is probably separate from the IVF clinic.