With extra consideration for your baby and the environment

When we develop our products, we make sure they are kind to your baby's sensitive skin. And since we work with children, we also think about how they can be kind to the environment. So that your baby will feel good - both today and tomorrow.

What do our product labels mean?

Our product labels provide information about how the product is manufactured and what materials it contains, so that you can easily feel confident in your choice of product. They are a certificate that we always maintain high quality and apply the best methods in all important aspects.

Our products are recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic

The fact that our products are recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic means that they are gentle and kind to your child's sensitive skin.

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At Libero, we know that children's skin is sensitive, and our most important task is to develop safe and gentle products. Therefore, we do not use perfumes or ingredients that are harmful to your child. All our diapers are dermatologically tested.

Asthma Allergy Nordic carefully selects products that are considered good choices for people with asthma, allergies or other types of hypersensitivity. We are very proud that our products are recommended, because it means that we live up to their high standards.

In fact, it's not just our diapers that have been recommended! Take a look at our full range of recommended products, or read morea about Asthma Allergy Nordic here

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Certified with the Nordic Swan environmental mark

We are very proud that we have been certified with the Swan, the official environmental mark of the Nordic countries. This means that we have succeeded in working increasingly sustainably and at the same time achieving excellent results.

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In order to be certified, it is not enough just to meet strict environmental requirements. The products' function and quality are also evaluated together with strict rules for chemical use. Our diapers fall under the category of sanitary products, where a lot of focus is placed on materials and product safety - to limit contamination, minimize energy consumption and optimize safety during use.

The requirements for the Nordic Ecolabel are continuously updated to ensure that only the best products in each category qualify for the label.
Read more about the Swan label here

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We want healthy forests

We have 100% FSC® certified wood pulp in our diapers.

This certification means that we support sustainable forestry, so that our forests can be preserved for future generations. FSC awards its certification based on several different criteria to promote ecological, biological and social sustainability. You can read more about FSC and the 10 rules for responsible forestry here