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What happens before and after use?

Have you ever thought about how the materials are selected for your baby's diapers? Or where they end up after you throw them in the bin... Or maybe what can be done in production to reduce the environmental impact? Here we tell you how it works.

Only the best is good enough…

We ensure that all materials we use are safe and free from harmful chemicals. What matters most to us is that your child is well. All the materials we use in our products are carefully selected, of high quality and gentle on the environment. And we always make sure that our suppliers are as careful about environmental aspects, quality and working environment as we are.

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We take responsibility for the whole

For each diaper we manufacture, we ensure that we know how our products affect the environment throughout their entire life cycle. We control and try to minimize the environmental impact all the way from the first raw material, throughout production, transport, use and even after the used diaper is thrown in the bin.

Do you know where all the diapers end up after you throw them in the bin? We'll do that. For example, if you live in the Nordic countries, the used diapers will be collected and then probably incinerated to provide your community with the necessary district heating and electricity.*

* Combustion for energy recovery. Sweden: 99%, Denmark: 98%, Norway: 95%, Finland: 74%. Source: Eurostat. (Proportion of all household waste in the country, excluding recycled material)

We continue to find new ways to make the world more sustainable

We are constantly working hard to make our own production more resource efficient. We build our machines and make our processes even smarter, to constantly be better. We are also constantly looking for new, better materials for products and packaging, which also contribute to better waste management and resource efficiency. We also want to learn more about recycling diapers and will continue to work on it in the future.

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