Our goals

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Where we want to be

We have promised to stand up for the Paris Agreement and reduce our climate footprint by 33%.

Reduce our climate impact by 33%*

We promise to reduce our climate impact by 33% by 2030 for the Libero product range. As a company, we have set further tough climate targets, with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement.

Our way of becoming more sustainable is to work for both your baby and your well-being - while taking care of the environment. That's why we want to offer diapers where we haven't skimped on quality or ability, but which are still a better option for both the environment and people.

We have set ambitious goals

We know we don't do everything perfectly yet. There is always more to develop when it comes to working for a more sustainable world. And step by step we get better. In order to drive our own development further and speed it up, we have set ambitious goals for what is to be achieved and when. The climate cannot wait.

Goal 1

One of our most important goals is to lower our carbon footprint, and not just from our own operations. It is also about the efforts that take place before the material reaches our production and what happens after a diaper has been used and thrown in the bin.

We aim to reduce our combined carbon footprint by 33% by 2030.*

*Compared with the reference year 2008

Goal 2

Endorsed by Science Based Targets

We want to contribute to a sustainable circular society characterized by recycling and reuse, and therefore we often engage in initiatives to achieve this. Our goals regarding energy, transport and materials should contribute to reduced environmental impact.

Science Based Targets is a collaboration between organizations worldwide, intended to make it easier for companies to work with and set climate goals. For us, this means that we get clear guidelines on how much and how quickly we need to reduce our emissions to help reduce global warming.

We are convinced that if everyone does their part, our joint efforts will make a big difference for the better.