The purpos of the tomorrowproject

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The manifesto for tomorrow

We at Libero work with children every day. Therefore, the climate and the future are important issues for us. Historically, we have done a lot. We were the first in the Nordics with Nordic Ecolabelled diapers and FSC® certification. The certification means that we contribute to responsible forestry. And we have already reduced our total climate impact by working hard with smarter design, choice of materials, reducing the amount of waste and transport. But it's not enough. As a company, we have now set tough climate targets, with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement.

The tomorrow project is based on us at Libero, together with you as a parent, trying to make things even better. By exploring new thoughts and ideas. Everything to contribute to keeping global warming below a critical level, so that our children can grow up on an earth that feels good even tomorrow.

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