Libero Shampoo Conditioner 200 ml

With a mild and fresh scent


Libero Shampoo Conditioner 200 ml

Shampoo and conditioner that rehydrates and nurtures

  • Mild and fresh scent
  • Contains Nordic sugar beet extract
  • Dermatologically tested

The shampoo gently washes your child’s hair clean and our conditioner makes it smooth with a mild and wonderfully fresh scent. A great fit when the hair starts to grow a little bit longer and needs untangling. It contains Nordic sugar beet extract and has been dermatologically tested.


Dermatologically tested

  • Libero Shampoo & Conditioner has gone through comprehensive dermatological tests.
  • All because you as a parent should be able to feel at ease with what cleanses your child’s skin and hair.

Cleansing and caring; with nordic sugar beet extract

  • Libero Shampoo & Conditioner has a mild and fresh scent.
  • It is cleansing and caring with Nordic sugar beet extract.
  • Produced in Sweden.

The products that nurture and protect the soft baby skin at all times.


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