Month 11

Your Baby

Grasping with their thumb and index finger

You’ve probably got a curious little explorer on your hands. Your baby’s brain is constantly striving to coordinate all the muscles in the body and brain – and that’s hard work. But their fine motor skills are getting better all the time and your baby is using their thumb and index finger more and more to pick things up.

Month 11: Parent

How’s your back?

Constantly bending over to support the baby as they learn to walk is a strain on your back, to say the least. But your baby is having so much fun! Have you noticed that when they move away from you, they always check to see where you are – especially in unfamiliar settings? You are the centre of their universe, so your baby doesn’t want to let you out of their sight. They will often return to you and want to be close to reproduce a feeling of security before heading off on their own again. It’s a wonderful feeling to be so meaningful to another person.