Month 4

Month 4: Your Baby

Starting to see in colour

Your baby has gone from seeing only in black and white to seeing the world in colour – and even has favourite colours now! (They prefer red to ochre and blue to grey.) The baby’s body is becoming increasingly stable. Place your baby on their belly for a little while whenever they are awake, but always let them sleep on their back. Remember that infants may not sleep on their bellies, but it is good for them to be on their bellies while they are awake and with an adult nearby. Lie down beside the baby and play and snuggle together.

Month 4: Parent

Get to know other parents

There is nothing better than when your baby recognises you and smiles. The smile doesn’t stop at their face. It involves their whole body. Their arms and legs wave about and their breathing gets faster. It’s a smile that could bring out the sun on a rainy day – like lovely music that can help tired parents make it a little longer! Has your clinic offered you a spot in a parenting group? If not, then ask them about it so that you can meet like-minded people. It can make a huge difference to get to know others who are in the same boat as you, who understand why you’re tired or struggling with feeding the baby.