Month 7

Month 7: Your Baby

Vivid dreams

At this point, the baby may be sleeping restlessly. Their teeth might be coming in, and a better visual memory leads to more vivid dreams. Some babies also start to be more mobile around this time. They attempt to get around by crawling, sliding, scooting on their bottom, or walking on their hands and feet. Others are satisfied with sitting still and are absorbed in other interests.

Month 7: Parent

Baby’s sleep and safety

How is your baby sleeping at night? A little restlessly? Waking up too often? At libero.se, you will find some tips that might help you out. The moment the baby starts showing signs of wanting to look around is the moment you should childproof your home. Get down on all fours. Make note of everything you could pull on or fiddle with and every object within reach of the baby that could break. The baby is here to stay, so avoid unnecessary stress by moving anything and everything that you’re concerned about out of baby’s reach.