Month 2

Month 2: Your Baby

The first smile!

You’ll see that first real smile soon – not just a muscle twitch or expression. And what a smile – it is an incredible reward for all the lost nighttime sleep, and will transform your baby into a little person. Your son or daughter is opening up more and more to the world around them. The baby is spending more and more time awake now. And most of that awake time is used to listen to and watch you. They will observe you intently in order to get to know you and everything else around them.

Month 2: Parent

A tough month

This can be a demanding month. If you gave birth to the baby, it’s the combination of sleep deprivation and your body’s recovery that make it difficult. And during this time, as a father or partner, you have to get used to a new situation while getting by with less sleep. Take it at your family’s pace – on the couch, in your pyjamas. Rest when you need to. Don’t think about everything else you ‘should’ be doing. Be kind to yourselves. And hang in there – next month will be better.