Month 13

Month 13: Your Baby

A little unstable on their legs

When you have a little one running around at home, you have to show up and provide plenty of comfort. Babies fall and bump into things, because it takes time to learn how to walk. It’s like learning to skate or snowboard as an adult – you fall and it hurts, but it’s fun, so you don’t give up. Walking is fun, and it gives the baby more opportunities to explore the world – even if they have to hang on to the furniture to keep their balance. The baby needs to practice. They will also struggle to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. Around age three, they will be able to stand stably.

Month 13: Parent

Play peekaboo!

It’s kind of funny, but now that your baby is older, it’s like they need you more than ever before. A one-year-old doesn’t want their parents to leave – not even the room. If it were up to them, you would be within eyeshot all day long. But now that your baby understands that you are two separate people, they’re becoming more dependent. What can you do? Play loads of peekaboo. This teaches your baby that even if they can’t see you, you’re still there. They’ll learn that they don’t have to fear being left.