Month 16

Month 16: Your Baby

One thing at a time

Sometimes, a child who had been babbling away suddenly becomes quiet. A keen climber might suddenly ignore a stool beside a bench. What’s going on? It could very well be that your child is concentrating on another, completely different skill. Kids practice one thing at a time. They might practice talking for a while, and then practice running or climbing for a while. Their baby teeth might be coming in, which is painful. It can be really hard.

Month 16: Parent

A bookworm is born

Do you want your toddler to read books, but they’re more interested in chewing on them or tearing out the pages? Most parents move their favourite books and magazines out of reach to prevent them from being shredded. When it comes to children’s books, we recommend sticking to board books at this stage to avoid tempting fate. (Dropping things is so much fun!) The best thing you can do is to read with your child so that they learn how to turn pages and how to treat books.