Month 5

Month 5: Your Baby

Tasting the world

Around this time, your baby will start to test out their voice, so you will be hearing some new sounds. Their vision is improving and they can focus up close and far away. Their muscles are also getting stronger – it may be wise to watch out for enthusiastic kicks from those little legs. The baby is picking up objects and holding on tight – without any thought or consideration. When they look at you now, it is with enormous interest. The baby will pull on your hair, scratch at your face and reach for your eyeglasses as soon as they have the chance. Those little fingers will explore your mouth and tug on your nose ... At this point, the baby has truly started to explore the world – with their mouth. For a while, they will put everything around them into their mouth, with no exceptions. Everything!

Month 5: Parent

Time for toys?

It isn’t necessary to have more than a few toys. The baby can still use lids, ladles, buckets, empty boxes and plastic containers. Is nighttime a little calmer? Is life feeling a little more normal now? Are things manageable? Or does it all still feel upside down? It helps to have a few established routines. It might sound a little dull, but babies love calm and regularity. The Libero Club has tips for games you can play over and over again. Babies are happiest when they know what they can expect. Click here to read more. Be mindful of your back, now that the baby is a little heavier. Are you thinking about bending your knees and squeezing your muscles before you lift? Always lift with your thighs – never with your back.