Month 3

Month 3: Your Baby

Here are my hands!

This is when your baby begins to connect cause and effect. A good example is: if I cry, someone will come and pick me up. What an incredible discovery! Their vision is getting better and better. It’s fun for the baby to watch a mobile as it moves, because they can manage to follow it a bit now. Your face, however, is still the most fascinating thing of all. Stick out your tongue for a moment and leave it out – the baby might imitate you. Babies are born with an ability to mimic and they start by imitating you. This is how they learn most things in life. The baby also loves to hear your voice – so talk and sing a lot. Do you remember any old children’s songs and rhymes? Maybe your baby has discovered their hands and looks at them in fascination. This is the first step towards realising where their body ends and the world begins.

Month 3: Parent

You’re best friends now

The first three months of the baby’s life have been kind of an extension of pregnancy. The baby still isn’t ready to meet the world and has much more to learn. The first three months aren’t only a period of physical growth. Your baby also has to get used to life outside of the womb. And that isn’t easy. Many parents find that once the first three months have passed, routines have become habitual and things start to calm down, the baby becomes a little person. This is doubtless because you’ve gotten used to one another and have become best friends. That makes matters easier. So much easier that around the middle or end of the third month, you might feel an urge to get out a little bit. Maybe take a walk or have coffee with a friend.