Month 6

Month 6: Your Baby

From hands to feet

It will be quite a few months before your baby’s vision is really good. A huge amount of progress takes place in the first year. When so much is going on every week, it isn’t that surprising that your baby’s body and brain aren’t always totally synchronised. Gross motor skills are a high priority now. Fine motor skills will come later. At this point, the baby’s fascination is shifting from their hands down to their feet, and they’ve discovered both their width and length.

Month 6: Parent

Time to yourself

Once the baby has become more attentive to the surrounding world, it can be difficult to relax and settle down – especially at night. That may be the toughest time of day, with more crying than usual. Have you started having your baby taste different foods? This can be an exciting experience for the whole family. Being on parental leave is wonderful – and also hard. The baby demands attention and needs to be minded every waking moment. That can really wear you out. Be sure you have some time to yourself occasionally. Go take a walk. Take a lap through the house. Go grocery shopping alone. Being at home with a baby is hard work, so ask your partner, parents, or in-laws for help so that you get a little time to yourself.