Month 12

Month 12: Your Baby

Happy one year birthday!

What a milestone! So much has happened in the past twelve months. Your baby has grown from a vulnerable newborn into a confident and curious little girl or boy – an explorer taking the world by storm, like a researcher on a mission! They want to see everything, go with you everywhere (whether or not it’s allowed), and understand everything. At this age, many toddlers have tons of energy. They move around and can’t sit still for long. They know what they want and love everything that moves, and they want to touch and move things, twist knobs and pull handles. They also talk constantly, and comment on everything and everyone. At this point, your baby won’t be growing quite so fast anymore. From now, their appearance changes more than just in terms of height. Those soft and round baby curves gradually disappear and baby’s body changes from all the activity.

Month 12: Parent

An entire year of being a parent!

It’s time for your baby’s first birthday party. Congratulations on one year of parenthood! Time flies, doesn’t it? And so much has happened. Have you noticed how much you’ve changed? Things that were important before your baby was born might not feel as significant anymore. And things you thought you couldn’t live without aren’t as essential now. Your view of life has changed completely since giving birth. They say that flexibility is what characterises parents. And this past year, you’ve had plenty of opportunities to practice that trait. You will going forward, too.