Month 8

Month 8: Your Baby

So many exciting things to explore

If the baby can move from one place to another, then it will only take a few moments before everything is chaos! There are flowerpots, books, TV knobs to switch on and off and on and off again. Grown-ups are just so good at having fun things like TVs and DVD players with little openings that you can push things into. And the TV remote? It’s so much fun to squeeze, bang against other stuff and chew on (which is tough not to do when you’re in the process of growing teeth). It’s all very exciting!

Month 8: Parent

Eating dirt – it’s totally normal...

Sometimes it might feel like your baby is intentionally doing things to annoy you, like eating dirt, investigating the phone charger and opening exciting drawers. They aren’t actually doing it on purpose, but still ... Sometimes it’s easy to forget that they’re just doing what they’re supposed to: explore the world. It’s easier to move things out of reach than it is to scold them. Are you going to say no when the baby is on a journey of discovery among electric cables? Only if you don’t have anything against saying it a thousand times. It’s better to move them out of a high-risk zone and get them interested in something else instead. The baby’s memory is still short, so they’ll be easily distracted with a toy. But that won’t work every time, and their memory gets better and better. Just hide anything you might be concerned about under lock and key – or say no for the thousandth time and move the baby.